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A beautiful lady exudes such a gentle atmosphere, standing next to me is Ph.D. Larisa Kiseleva from Russia.


She came to Okinawa a year ago and now actively works as a researcher for Biological Systems Unit at OIST.


This Wednesday, about 200 high school students visited OIST. 


Dr. Kiseleva made a presentation for them about what is the charm about research, why she became a doctor, and so on. 


I worked as an interpreter for her presentation and we took a commemorative photo after that.







OIST campus is located in such a beautiful environment in Tancha, Onna Village.







From the window of the floor where we took the photo, you can see this breathtakingly beautiful ocean view! 


So relaxing!






About 200 students were divided into two groups. 

The presentation for the first group was delivered in the auditorium and for the second group in this seminar room.



Dr. Kiseleva is from Yaroslavl, located 250 kilometers northeast of Moscow.



Her hometown produced some world-famous people!



Firstly Valentina Tereshkova.


She is the first woman who has flown in space.



Then, Aleksandr Petrov ...an animation director whose animated film "The Old Man and the Sea"won the Academy Award for Animated Short Film in 1999.



I watched this Academy Awards ceremony on TV. The film shows heavenly fantastic touch! 



Everybody, please watch it if you have the chance!



I feel even stronger bond with Dr. Kiseleva for that she is from the same place as such a fabulous animated director. 



Dr. Kiseleva herself does a so incredible and interesting research at OIST.



"Microbial fuel cell"... please refer to the following links for the detail.





The night before her presentation, I read these articles for preparation. I was so impressed by what she does and was looking forward to her presentation. But what's more, I am so happy to see Dr. Larisa Kiseleva, who engaged in such a great project that can give considerable contribution to the environment. 


She is very friendly and gentle-mannered person even though she is an elite researcher.


What a wonderful person!



In the modern world, where we strive to find the most suitable alternate energy, her future success in the reseearch would play an extraordinary role in environment and economy.



How wonderful!



It's my sincere hope that she will have GREAT success with her research!








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