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Here is the list of optional services to make your Okinawa trip more enjoyable;
from sightseeing to business purposes.

Please feel free to ask us any questions.


iLas Co., Ltd.

iLas Co., Ltd.

The only helicopter charter agent in Okinawa.
Services available for: the press, urgent transportation of emergency patients, chartered or consolidated sightseeing flights to outer islands.
Scuba Diving Shop Shisa

Scuba Diving Shop Shisa

Shisa has been in business for 23 years, one of the largest diving shops in Okinawa.
Services include: diving license acquisition course, experience-dives, snorkeling, boat-diving, and accommodation arrangement.
Rental Shop Airent

Rental Shop Airent

More than 2,000 items are for rent.
Hollandia Garden

Hollandia Garden

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