~A tour to Miyako~


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                                                ~A tour to Miyako~


                             Guests often ask me where my favorite island is;

                             out of 160 islands of Okinawa Prefecture.

                             My answer? -- it's Miyako island, for its crystal clear water of the ocean

                             and the island's relaxing atmosphere.

                             I was back to Miyako last week on a tour.

                             Here are some of the fabulous places I visited:


                                 Sunayama Beach on Miyako island, Okinawa.

                                 Sunayama literally means "sand hill" or "sand mountain".

                                 Very fine sand feels great.


                               From the northern tip of Miyako island, 

                               cross the 1.5 km long Ikema Bridge.

                               The scenic drive takes you to Ikema island.


                                           Nameless beach...on Ikema island.


                                    Higashi Henna Cape on Miyako island.


                                   Maehama Beach on Miyako, and Kurima Bridge.


                       On the western coast of Kurima island: Nagamahama Beach.

                       Powdery white sand felt so good on my bare feet.

                       There were absolutely no one when I went there.






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