Happy Wedding@ Okuma Felicia Church


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Looking at the boundless expanse of the East China Sea, a couple full of hope for a new beginning......


I am also happy to be in the moment.




Last Thursday, a wedding ceremony for Ms. Carrie and Mr. Chan Ho was held in a famous resort in Okinawa and I attended them as an English translator.


Carrie-san is very charming lady and I had a great time with her.




Dried flowers which make every woman happy are decorated in the waiting room.




Seasah dolls and sea turtle-shaped clock are decorated, which makes visitors realize that they come the resort island of Okinawa!



Yes! The lovely couple celebrated a wedding at a crystal chapel with all sides made of glass, Okuma Felicia Church, which is located in the north Okinawa and it was just redesigned in this August!




When Carrie and Chan Ho in their wedding costume were going downstairs, their frieds welcomeed them with a big WOW!

The most eye-catching person is of course... this man with KITTY doll in the pocket and the cat ears on his head! Such a service minded friend!


I could not help asking him "Can I take a picture of you?"




Mercy! He walked down the aisle with Carrie-san playing as her daddy.




The ceremony was over in peace and they were welcomed by "the glorious path" made by friends.

They were not nervous any more and showing beaming face!




Look at their friends! Kitty dolls are decorated also around the chest of bridesmaids. They were trying to please Carrie. She is a big fan of Hello Kitty!




Ring the bell to tell the world how happy you are!




"All of your frieds are so friedly and joyfurl," I said to Carrie.

"Yes! They are the friedlist people!" answered Carrie with smile and confident.


Her kindness, cheerfulness, and consideration for others brought such wonderful people, I believe.





Then, the pier....the most popular photo location on the beach!




The white peer sticking out from Okuma Beach onto the clear blue water...perfect for the newlyweds.




Very cool Carrie and Chan Ho with black glasses!





The happy couple looking at endless ocean....I hope you will nurture your endless love♪




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